Woman doing yoga listening to T5 True Wireless


Leveraging more than 70 years of acoustic technology, Klipsch makes the most comfortable earphones on Earth.

Diagram of the comfortable oval shape of Klipsch earphones


Perfect seal, excellent bass, noise isolation, and lasting comfort

Human ear canals are oval shaped, not round. Most other earphones are round, which can be uncomfortable.

Klipsch’s patented oval ear tip design means that our earphones won’t fall out, the way cheap round earbuds do.

Diagram of the comfortable size of Klipsch earphones, the smallest in the industry


Comfortable fit with minimal fatigue

Klipsch earphones use the smallest nozzle size available. Doing this allows the nozzle and housing to stay small for a more comfortable fit inside your ear and minimizes the room it takes up in your ear canal.

Other earphones with larger nozzles create pressure to the inside of your ear canal and cause discomfort.

Klipsch earphone drivers are the smallest in the industry and built in the housing unlike competitor’s drivers that are built into the nozzle. Doing this allows Klipsch to keep the housing and nozzle small. Larger housing means the nozzle and the tip will be larger and cause discomfort.

Diagram of the comfortable approach angle of Klipsch earphones


Seamless entry into the ear canal for maximum comfort and acoustics

Depending on the form factor of the earphone determines how the housing angles into your ear:

  • Up and in: The nozzle is at an upward angle and inward tilt, creating a seamless entry into the ear canal. (T5 Series)
  • Full 360° for maximum flexibility (TRUE WIRELESS)