X12 Neckband Headphones

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Breaking away from the plastic monotony to build something better, Klipsch designed the X12 Neckband headphones from the ground up to bring together premium hand-picked materials, beautiful copper accents and unsurpassed acoustic technology for a superior listening experience. With an all-day battery, call vibration alerts and carefully-selected real leather, these wireless in-ear monitors provide durability, comfort and audiophile-grade sound that's simply incomparable.


  • 屡获殊荣的音质
  • KG-926 平衡电枢驱动单元
  • 18 小时电池使用寿命
  • aptX 和 AAC 高清 Bluetooth® 串流技术
  • 采用 cVc® 的集成麦克风
  • 来电振动提醒
  • 真皮缝合颈带
  • 电镀钢制外壳
  • IPX4 防泼溅设计
  • 高级便携盒
  • 一对 Comply™ Comfort Ts-100 耳塞

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我们将最小巧、最轻便、音质最好以及最舒适的 X12 声学模块与我们 Neckband 的顶级材料和工艺相结合,为您的旅途带来最好的听觉体验。With copper accents bound by genuine leather, the Klipsch X12 Neckband headphones combine superior form and function into a stylish package.

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Designed with extended usage in mind, Klipsch X12 Neckband headphones can last 18 hours on a single charge for music listening or taking phone calls. Protected by an electroplated steel exoskeleton and an IPX4 splash-proof rating, the Klipsch X12 Neckband headphones are made to last.

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X12 Neckband 耳机的精铝外壳中放入了一个定制 KG-926 平衡电枢,让小巧的外形可以实现全音域响应。平衡电枢驱动单元带有导向孔,能够提供经典的电子管放大器般的音效以及无与伦比的低音性能。KG-926 具有温和丰富的音场,可以产生只有多电枢对应产品才可比拟的动态效果。

X12 Neckband 生活方式 C

获得专利 + 定制贴合

Klipsch X12 Neckband headphones utilize Klipsch patented silicon contour ear tips that sit inside the ear canal with anatomical accuracy for superior comfort and create the perfect seal for excellent noise isolation and bass response. The X12 Neckband headphones come bundled with a pair of Comply™ Ts-100 Comfort Tips for a personalized, memory foam fit.

R6 Neckband 生活方式 5

高级遥控器 + 清晰的语音麦克风

可以完全控制大多数智能手机,包括 Android 和 Apple 设备,允许无缝控制音乐和通话。X12 Neckband Bluetooth® 配备有 cVc®,可以自动增强语音清晰度并主动降低环境噪音,确保您的声音清晰响亮。






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