The Three

胡桃木 (# 1063284)
Ebony (# 1063461)

Incorporating luxury materials such as real wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three tabletop stereo system blends the acoustics and classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies available today


  • 萦绕整个房间的惊人音响效果
  • 中世纪现代设计
  • 专业调校立体声
  • Bluetooth® 无线连接
  • Supports aptX™ codec
  • 超重低音反射
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System
  • USB 音频
  • RCA line level / phono pre-amp input
The Three 生活方式 A


The Three 是一套桌面立体声系统,采用两个 2 1/4” 全音域驱动单元和一个 5.25” 长冲程低音单元,双向放大以实现高音频解析度,经过 Klipsch 声学家的专业调校,为您带来顶级的音频体验。

Cash 350Ppi 1000Px3 Copy

The Three is possibly the most versatile loudspeaker I've used to date…it sounds great and looks great...I can’t think of a relevant audio source that isn’t compatible with The Three.

Computer Audiophile
The Three 生活方式 B


除了有源 5.25” 长冲程低音单元以外,The Three 还采用了两个相对的 5.25” 无源辐射器来提供更强的低音反射。

Sound Vision 徽标黑色

Klipsch has created a beautifully crafted tabletop stereo that does an excellent job of melding retro style with modern sound.I think Paul W. Klipsch would approve.

Sound & Vision
The Three 生活方式 D


The Three 桌面立体声系统是 Klipsch 串流无线多房间系统的一部分,该系统是一种全方位解决方案,可以让您的音乐充满整个屋子。收听您最喜爱的互联网电台、串流服务、个人数字音乐库、CD、DVD 等。

The Three 生活方式 C


The Three includes audio input connections for Wi-Fi (for Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System), Bluetooth®Analog, 3.5mm miniplug, Phono Pre-Amp, and USB Type B audio.直接连接您的唱机转盘、电脑、CD 播放器、智能手机或平板电脑,即可从这台精美打造的桌面立体声系统享受到出众的立体声音效。

Stream Watch


Leave your phone in another room?No problem. Control your Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room devices from your Apple or Android watch. 

The Three Lifestyle Alexa 3

The Three + Alexa

Control The Three with only your voice.Use any Alexa-enabled device, like the Amazon Echo Dot, and control your music playlist, skip songs, adjust volume and more. 





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