RSB-8 Sound Bar + Wireless Subwoofer

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Unfortunately, this sound bar is no longer available on Check out a comparable product: RSB-14 Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer or visit one of our Authorized Retailers.

The Klipsch Reference RSB-8 sound bar and wireless subwoofer seamlessly transform your living room into a live concert venue. 作为 Klipsch 串流多房间无线解决方案的一部分,这款条形音箱可以通过您的手机轻松控制,并与其他任何 Klipsch 串流产品同步,在整个屋内形成一个音频生态系统。


  • 4K 超高清视频直通
  • 启用 Klipsch 串流无线多房间技术
  • Klipsch Tractrix® horns for detailed, impactful sound
  • Integrated Dolby Audio® for an incredible listening experience
  • 自动连接无线低音炮
  • 随附无线遥控器(与通用遥控器配合使用)

Firmware update available for some models. Please see our Firmware page: Firmware Updates & Drivers

Herorsb 8 4

All-Encompassing Sound

As part of the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room System, the Klipsch Reference RSB-8 sound bar and subwoofer are part of an all-encompassing solution for distributing audio throughout your home.

Herorsb 8 5

Powerful Bass. No Wires.

With a 6.5-inch downward-firing driver and professionally-tuned ported cabinet, the RSB-8 wireless subwoofer delivers earth-shaking bass that will probably piss off your neighbors. It's okay - tell them we said, "hi."

Herostream Rsb 8 Lifestyle 4

Wireless Control

Use your phone to control what you listen to while you cook, work out, or just chill. The RSB-8 is compatible with most Bluetooth® wireless enabled devices, including mobile phones, audio devices, and computers for wide-ranging use.


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