RSB-8 Sound Bar - Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished

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Klipsch Reference RSB-8 条形音箱和无线低音炮可以将您毫无生气的房间变为一间现场音乐会场馆。作为 Klipsch 串流多房间无线解决方案的一部分,这款条形音箱可以通过您的手机轻松控制,并与其他任何 Klipsch 串流产品同步,在整个屋内形成一个音频生态系统。

Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products have been tested, inspected, and approved for sale by a Klipsch quality assurance professional. All Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products pass the same strict performance standards as our brand-new products and carry little or no blemishes or imperfections.

All Klipsch® Certified Factory-Refurbished products come backed with our standard Limited Warranty and Free 90-Day Return Guarantee.


  • Klipsch® Certified Factory-Refurbished
  • Klipsch Limited Warranty + Free 90-Day Return Guarantee
  • 4K 超高清视频直通
  • 启用 Klipsch 串流无线多房间技术
  • Featuring Klipsch Tractrix® horns for detailed, impactful sound
  • 集成 Dolby Audio,为您带来无与伦比的听觉体验
  • 自动连接无线低音炮
  • 随附无线遥控器(与通用遥控器配合使用)

Firmware update available for some models. Please see our Firmware page: Firmware Updates & Drivers