Reference II 落地式音箱

RF-7 II Floorstanding Speaker

黑色 (# 1011841)
Cherry (# 1011842)

The ultimate in Reference II Series performance, the RF-7 II tower speaker lets you experience the true power, detail and emotion of cinematic spectacles and concert performances from the comforts of home.


  • 让大房间内充满影院/音乐会般的音效
  • 动态 1.75" 钛合金 Tractrix™ 号角处理压缩驱动单元
  • 双声道 10" 高输出 Cerametallic 低音单元,带高级铸铝框架
  • 典雅如家具般的木质饰面箱体
  • Designed & Assembled in the USA
Klipsch Reference Rf 7 Ii Lifestyle 3


The Reference RF-7 II is complete with our proprietary Tractrix® horn technology which produces a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power.Finished in a beautiful medium cherry or black furniture-grade wood veneer, the RF-7 II is guaranteed to complement any décor.

Rf 7 Ii Made In Usa Hope Ar 2000x1125

Built in Hope, AR

The Reference RF-7 II speaker holds a special place in our heart, as it is made by hand in Hope, Arkansas alongside the Reference RC-64 II center channel as well as Klipsch Heritage Series speakers and many of the Klipsch Professional speakers.

Klipsch Reference Rf 7 Ii Lifestyle 1

Fifth Generation

Now in its fifth generation, Reference II speakers boast enhanced features, including re-engineered drivers and a new crossover system, to capture your attention and excite your emotions.In addition to the improved sound quality, the look of “big sound” has been redefined throughout the line with sophisticated cabinetry, refreshed logos and rounded feet.

Reference Logo Closeup 2000x1125

True Reference

  • 每一款 Reference 音箱都采用我们的 Tractrix® 号角技术产生栩栩如生的声音,使用更少的能量产生更高的输出,提高可靠性并减少失真,以及具有出色结像力的大音场。
  • 我们轻巧但又坚固的铝合金电镀陶瓷振膜低音单元锥盆采用经过专门处理的铝材,有助于获得更好的阻尼并防止失真。
  • 磁悬浮式钛合金高音单元——我们旗舰级 Palladium 系列流传下来的技术——提供了空旷、自然的声音,让您仿佛置身于歌手所在的录音棚中或者是电影布景中。
  • Rounded feet offer less protrusion, giving the cabinet a slimmer, more sophisticated look with new copper accents.
Klipsch Reference Rf 7 Ii Front Colors


The Reference RF-7 II speakers comes in furniture-grade cherry and black wood veneer finishes.

Klipsch 传承 Pwk


我们的创始人 Paul W. Klipsch 是一位工程师、发明家、狂想家和真正的天才。他用毕生精力尝试为世界带来更动听的声音。自 1946 年以来,我们继承着我们创始人的激情,致力于提供最好的家庭音频体验。

您买的不仅仅是音箱——而是以超过 70 多年出色声学技术为依托的美国音箱历史的一部分。





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