R5 Neckband Headphones Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished Black

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Surrounded by a sea of plastic, the wireless R5 neckband headphones stand apart from the competition. With hand-stitched edge-treated leather, the R5 neckband headphones rest comfortably against your skin. Meant to age, not wear out, the genuine materials combine with minimal shape to sit either directly on your neck or tuck under the collar of your shirt.

Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products have been tested, inspected and approved for sale by a Klipsch quality assurance professional. All Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products pass the same strict performance standards as our brand-new products and carry little or no blemishes or imperfections.

All Klipsch® Certified Factory-Refurbished products come backed with our standard Limited Warranty and Free 30-Day Return Guarantee.


  • Klipsch® Certified Factory-Refurbished
  • Klipsch Limited Warranty + Free 30-Day Return Guarantee
  • 屡获殊荣的音质
  • Genuine stitched leather
  • 8 小时电池续航时间
  • aptX and AAC high-definition Bluetooth® streaming
  • 采用 cVc® 的集成麦克风
  • 来电振动提醒
  • Patented Comfort Oval-Ear Tips
R5 Neckband on a wooden table


Using an evolutionary new 5mm micro-driver, we condensed the same great Klipsch legendary sound into an even-smaller form-factory. Ensuring deeper fit and better hold, the smaller acoustic modules are designed to stay in your ears securely and comfortably. The R5 Neckband gives you the freedom from wires without the hassle of being tethered to your device. 使用 aptX® 和 AAC 技术,您可以同时拥有音质和舒适度。

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Klipsch R5 Neckband headphones use a single lithium ion battery to deliver over 8 hours of listening to music and taking calls. The integrated cVc® microphone automatically enhances voice clarity and actively reduces environmental noise to ensure your teleconferences are loud and clear. The built-in neck vibration feature will vibrate to notify you of incoming calls. The raised controls let you pick up calls, adjust volume, and track through songs without looking so you can keep your eyes on the prize. If the negotiations get hot, the Klipsch Neckband is IPX4 splash-proof and will continue to work in humid conditions.

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With a vibrator built into the left control pod, you can stop worrying about missing that important call if your phone is out of reach. Neckband 会在您的锁骨上振动,表示有来电。Pick the call up directly from the right control pod and take your call using the built-in cVc® microphone.

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Klipsch 入耳式监听耳机利用了获得专利的耳塞,经过结构学设计以准确贴合耳道内部。这些柔软的椭圆形硅胶耳塞降低了耳朵疲劳,并具有惊人的密封性,可实现出色的噪音隔离和低音响应。具有更好的贴合度和触感,只有 Klipsch 才能做出这样的产品!

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先进的遥控器 + 麦克风

可以完全控制大多数智能手机,包括 Android 和 Apple 设备,允许无缝控制音乐和通话。Equipped with cVc®, R5 Neckband Bluetooth automatically enhances voice clarity and actively reduces environmental noise to ensure you sound loud and clear.