R-10B Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

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Unfortunately, this sound bar is no longer available on Klipsch.com. Check out our latest series of Reference Sound Bars or visit one of our Authorized Retailers.

清脆、清晰的对话(您可以听到的),您期望的饱满丰富的声音不会有一丝失真。R-10B 是 5.1 理想的替代系统,具有足够的功率可以作为您的家庭或公寓的独立音箱系统,但小巧的外形又能安装在任何房间内。

Paul Klipsch 是美国的象征,在 Klipsch,我们作为美国音频领域的先锋已经有 70 年了。在这里查看我们的音箱为什么能成为您的起居室的谈论焦点。


  • 对话清晰度
  • 包括无线低音炮(可实现无与伦比的低音) 
  • 采用蓝牙®技术,设置方便
  • 内置杜比®数字解码器
  • 真正的双路条形音箱,带 2 个 3/4" 号角处理圆顶型高音单元和 2 个 2.5" 低音单元
  • 无线低音炮,带 8" 侧倒相式驱动单元
  • 1 个光纤数字接口,1 个立体声 RCA 接口,蓝牙®带 aptX® 音频编码技术
  • 3D 环绕模式

    R 10 B 生活方式 4


    The Klipsch R-10B sound bar and wireless subwoofer is designed to quickly connect to your television for an instant home theater solution. The built-in Dolby® Digital Decoder takes over and allows the R-10B sound bar to automatically reproduce detailed, high-output sound in almost any size room no matter what format of sound is coming from the TV’s output.

    R 10 B 生活方式 3

    Bluetooth® 无线技术

    The R-10B sound bar features Bluetooth® compatibility to wirelessly stream music from your mobile phone, audio device or computer.

    R 10 B 生活方式 1

    Virtual Surround Sound

    The R-10B sound bar Virtual Surround Mode enhances your movies and music with a three-dimensional surround sound effect for an immersive listening experience.

    R 10 B 生活方式 2


    The R-10B sound bar features a 8" side-firing subwoofer that produces rich, room-filling bass. Leveraging 2.4 GHz technology, the sound bar and the subwoofer automatically sync together wirelessly so you can place the subwoofer where it fits best in your space.






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