ME-800-C 耐火音箱外壳可以让安装人员满足建筑条例,并消除不同房间之间不必要的声音传播。

  • 设计用于配有 8 英寸低音单元的吸顶式音箱
  • 使用高规格冷轧钢制造
  • 超出 1 小时的防火等级要求
  • 适合 16 或 24 英寸的螺柱间距

ME-800-C 旨在与所有带有 8 英寸低音单元的 Reference 系列吸顶式音箱配合使用,可以让住宅承包商满足建筑条例,并消除不同房间之间不必要的声音传播。 

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The ME-800-C is manufactured from high-grade cold-rolled steel and features a layer of insulation. It exceeds the one-hour fire-rating requirements and is designed to meet UL2043 requirements for installation in plenum spaces. This metal device has also been tested to meet UL 263 ASTM E119-98 NFPA 251 UBC 7-1 and ULC CAN/ULC-S101 - M89 standards.

The ME-800-C fits 16- or 24-inch stud spans. It also comes with all of the hardware needed for most installation applications and provisions for standard conduit connections. Pre-drilled holes simplify the installation process and ensure that all safety requirements are met.

The optimized enclosure volume provides consistent acoustic performance regardless of construction variations. While the insulation exceeds fire requirements it also reduces the sound transmission into adjacent spaces by at least 10dB.

The inside edge of the ME-800-C's mounting ring is color coded to match up with the corresponding Klipsch installation kit size code.