Klipsch Cornwall IV Floorstanding Speaker

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Get ready to be blown away. The continuing evolution of Paul W. Klipsch's design genius has arrived. The Klipsch Cornwall IV will fill your room with crystal-clear sound, right down to the most minute detail.


  • Includes New 10-Year Warranty
  • Three-way, 15” horn-loaded loudspeakers
  • All new mid-range compression driver, mid-horn with mumps, and Tractrix® ports
  • A premium, aluminum input panel to accommodate large, high-quality speaker cables for bi-wiring or bi-amping
  • A best-in-class, highly durable speaker enclosure assembled with pride in Hope, Arkansas as part of the Klipsch Heritage Series
  • Available in Natural Cherry, Satin Black Ash, and American Walnut book-matched wood veneers to complement any space
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    Cornwall IV up close of the speaker and grille


    It's been said you cannot improve on perfection.

    Not true.

    Klipsch engineers have continued to carry on the groundbreaking vision of company founder Paul W. Klipsch's unique approach to acoustic performance with upgrades to the Heritage Cornwall IV Floorstanding Speaker.

    Cornwall IV on black from top of speaker



    Inside, the Cornwall IV features a new, mid-frequency driver and a new midrange Tractrix™ horn for improved clarity and detail, as well as new ports for expanded clarity and deeper bass.

    The outside of the Cornwall IV is a change from its predecessors as well. It features a new logo design scripted to match other Heritage products, a new matte black riser to give a floating appearance, and an updated brushed metal premium input panel.

    Man building a speaker


    As the "largest of the compact” Heritage speakers, the Cornwall IV offers the highest performance of any non-fully horn-loaded speaker we make.

    Only the legendary Klipschorn and La Scala (with their horn-loaded, low-frequency designs) exceed the Cornwall in bass extension and output.

    Klipsch Cornwall IV nexttorecords


    Cornwall 音箱最初于 1959 年作为 Heresy 的替代产品推出,但尺寸更大,并且是一款全音域音箱,可作为两个间隔很远的 Klipschorn 之间的中置音箱。

    因此 Cornwall 可能是全球第二款商业化生产的中置音箱。

    Klipsch  Cornwall Iii Made In Usa Hope Ar 2000x1125

    Home Grown

    The little town of Hope, Arkansas is the birthplace of the Klipsch Cornwall speaker. Assembled with handmade cabinets since 1959, we are proud to continue to build and assemble these hand-crafted speakers in Hope.

    Klipsch 传承 Pwk


    Our founder, Paul W. Klipsch, was an engineer, inventor, madman, and certified genius. 他用毕生精力尝试为世界带来更动听的声音。自 1946 年以来,我们继承着我们创始人的激情,致力于提供最好的家庭音频体验。

    You're not buying a speaker - you're buying a piece of American audio history built on nearly a century of badass acoustic technology.