无论在什么天气条件下,AW-500 室外音箱都能提供出色的声音性能和全年的耐久性。这款全音域产品几乎可以安装在任意位置,并提供清晰通透的动态 Klipsch 音质性能。


  • 超高的灵敏度和功率容量
  • 90° x 90° Tractrix® 号角压缩高音驱动单元具有清澈嘹亮的高音
  • 可涂装的防紫外线 ABS 外壳和防锈铝制网罩
  • 3/8"-16 螺纹插件用于选件安装
  • 提供有 C 型安装支架和不锈钢五金件
Hero Aw500 V1

Bring the Magic Outside

Featuring a 5-inch IMG woofer 1-inch polymer tweeter mated to a square Tractrix® Horn, you can experience the legendary sound of Klipsch in your outdoor living space.

Hero Aw500 V2

Forecast Proof

Mother Nature is no match for the AW-500. Featuring an ultra-durable, UV-resistant enclosure and non-corrosive grille, the party doesn't have to stop just because a few rain drops fall.